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Chateau d'Ige
#1 Posted : Sunday, March 01, 2015 11:05:25 PM

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We plan to to take the TGV from Paris to Basel on the last day of our cruise trip (Versailles). If we take the 10:30 AM train, what time would we be taken from the hotel? What if we took the 12:30 train? I guess my question would be: are we going to have to arrive two hours early as at the airport transfer? Or will we arrive a half hour or hour before? Again thanks for any help you can provide.
#2 Posted : Monday, March 02, 2015 7:11:55 AM

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Haven't specifically done this transfer with Tauck, but have taken the TGV from Paris many times. Unlike airports, there aren't (or weren't as recently as a year ago) any security checks or check-in process. If you (presumably) have your tickets, then you board the train when it arrives and that's it. Your ticket will have the car and seat number and there are signs indicating where you can expect that car to line up on the platform. The trains move in and out very quickly. Even a train originating in Paris will be at the platform for only 10-15 minutes with trains passing through typically being in the station for 10 minutes. There aren't any particularly good places to wait (certainly not on the platform as there will be a different train several times an hour) so you don't want to, nor need to, spend a lot of time in the station. Without the consideration for traffic to actually get to the station, most in Europe would aim at arriving about 30 minutes early (or even less...I'm not that brave) because the trains run on a precise schedule and they rely on that.

All that said, Tauck will probably err on the side of caution and plan to get you there an hour or so early. Anything more than that is unnecessary.

Enjoy the TGV...it is a wonderful way to travel across France. And when you see yourself outpacing road traffic by a factor of 3 it is pretty amazing!
Chateau d'Ige
#3 Posted : Monday, March 02, 2015 11:47:18 AM

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Thanks very much! We've taken the TGV often but had never before had a group transfer. You are right in suggesting that Tauck will get us to the Gare de Lyon early. Since we will be using a France-Switzerland Eurail pass, I anticipate 15 minutes should cover it. Again, thanks.